Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maximize your Grocery Dollars by using a Foodsaver

Do you want to know how to keep meals fresh in the refrigerator for several days? How to keep leftovers fresh in the freezer? I had these questions along with many others in my never ending quest to save money on groceries.

I saw a FoodSaver.com infomercial and wondered if this would keep my food fresh and save me money. In other words, I wanted to know if it really worked so I purchased the foodsaver and put it to work.

I cook three meals at the beginning of every week so that I don’t have to do much cooking during the weekdays. This week I prepared baked ziti, baked chicken with rice and vegetables, and a boneless beef roast. Then, I divided each meal into portions.

The FoodSaver is a great investment and is easy to use! Food is vacuum sealed into a bag in just 3 easy steps! First, seal the bottom the bag. Fill the bag and, then seal the other end of the bag with a vacuum by the FoodSaver.

Also, this experiment worked famously for leftovers. I was able to store leftovers in the freezer for weeks. The leftovers tasted as fresh and appealing as when I first cooked it.

If you are interested in saving money by keeping your food from spoiling so quickly, then I suggest you buy a FoodSaver because it allows you to vacuum seal your food. This is very important, since it is the same type of seal company’s use to keep food fresh!

Check out FoodSaver.com to learn more.

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