Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to use a Foodsaver in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

The foodsaver is a great vacuum sealing system. It provides a vacuum seal for your groceries in 5 quick and easy steps.

Seal the the bottom of the bag. If it is not done already. This is done by lining the bag on the sealing part of the machine. As in the picture below.

Place the food in the bag.

Put the opening of the bag in the vacuum chamber.

FoodSaver - #1 Selling Brand of Home Vacuum Packaging systems! Save 50% for a Limited Time on Selected Items. Close and lock the Foodsaver. This is done with one simple latch.

Press the vacuum and seal buttom. The vacuum and seal is complete when the light goes off. Unlock the latch and lift the lid. The bag is refrigerator and/ or freezer ready.

These 5 quick and easy steps. As you can see, these steps are easy to incorporate into your food storage routine. However, it is worth its weight in gold because you will no longer waste food and save tons of money.

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